Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers

For a long while
I forgot who I am
a once strong warrior women
always armed and ready
for action,
for battle,
for whatever quest
the spirit guides might set upon my path.

I became lost in a fog
of the changing tide
The transitioning of life seasons
muddling my mind
The birth of my babe
dulling my battle instincts
transforming them instead
to a need to nurture new life.

The once strong
and resonate battle cry
of Maidenhood
replaced with the wail
of a new generation of man
with the beginning
of my new stage of life,

The armor and weaponry
of my maidenhood
sit on the sidelines
waiting for my return
And as the dust  upon them thickens
The dust that lightly veils the heart of this warrior woman
is lightened by the addition
of new weapons to my arsenal.

A tribe of mothers surround me
Lending me their strength ,
And a coven of crones encompass me

In my new apprenticeship
filling me with knowledge,
and teaching me tricks of the trade
that have been passed down
through the generations.

Surrounded by my new clan
the future is optimist in outlook,
the cloud of confusion into
this new stage of life has been lifted.
Where I once thought
I must fight my battles alone,
in single hand to hand combat
I have since learned the lesson of strength in numbers.
© 2015 -LRFB



Sharing the Struggle

The tension spilled from their bodies
As the dark secrets
They could tell to so few
Tumbled from their lips

The bond of sharing a more similar past
then they had previously known
Bringing more relief to them
Than any words or actions could offer

The comfort of knowing
they are Not Alone
Making the journey towards the future
A brighter and more attainable goal.

© 2009 LRFB


Sometimes the thoughts
Flow so swiftly
My hand cannot keep up
And the words escape,
Roll out of my mind
Lost in oblivion
Where they float in space
Someone else
May snatch them up
To be used at a later date
Or until…
I recall a snippet of what once was
And add some more
This Secondary Version
Will never live up
To the original thought
But that’s the beauty of words
They are never really lost at all
They just keep in Limbo
Longing to be used
Waiting to mature
And evolve into something different
Something Better
A new formula
To get your heart pumping
And your mind racing
An even better combination
Comes along
To be revised and refreshed
And show you
How to breathe
Life again
In a new way.
Change is a revolution
An evolution of the past
Into the future
Sparked by a thought
That turns into a pattern
That spreads
Opening the hearts
And minds
Of a Few
That turns into a many
Until the circle comes
Back into itself
And Starts Again.

© 2017 LRFB



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Soul Cleansed

Happiness swells underneath the surface
I’m overwhelmed by the feeling
My body’s buzzing,
I feel full
Like a Volcano about to erupt

My drive is smooth
The tunes just right
As I reflect on the happenings of late
I feel fulfilled
My mind and body awakened

The buildup of dust, dirt, and clutter
That once coated my soul
Has been cleared away
Washed off
And organized

I am once again open
Receptive, Alive, Hopeful
And looking forward
To what
The future brings.

© 2017 LRFB

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It felt like my world was falling apart
I kept trying and trying
But I couldn’t even start
To pull it all back together again

A million pieces
laid out on the table before me
So many colors I couldn’t see
What the picture was supposed to be

On instinct, I reached out
For help from a friend
Who put things in perspective
And set me on my way to mend

Pieces were missing
From my puzzle of life
That’s what was causing me
All of the strife

My problem has now been identified
And I can breathe a sigh of relief
I no longer have to hide
All the feelings of failure I’ve kept inside.

The road will be long
Filled with mountains and hills
But just knowing
Provides me with so many skills

And new friends have been made
To share in my new campaign
As together we lift spirits
To ease each other’s pain

And my eyes have been opened
To a brand new world
There is such beauty in pain
It’s a double-edged sword.

The future is less blurry
The colors are more bright
The puzzle slowly comes together
There is an end in sight

So, lend a hand this coming year
And place a puzzle piece
It’s only with the helping hand of friends
Our blessings will increase.

© 2016 -LRFB


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A Goodbye to a Friend

It’s the little things
that once added together
Can equate to problems.
At first, I let it slide
I gave you the benefit of the doubt
But as time has progressed
and I have witnessed you in action
I feel you have abused that privilege.
You eject words from your mouth carelessly.
And you are blind to the effect they have
On those around you.
From what I have witnessed
You are obstinate in your views
and once you form an opinion
No amount of empirical data
or intelligent debate
Can persuade you of any possible

I have watched as people
You once called dear friends have
Vanished from your life
With hearts wounded by
the nocuous words you have directed at them.
I wonder if you see the part
You have played in their withdrawal
from your world.

I’ve been withdrawing
Slowly, for a few years now
But your recent remarks
Have pushed a need for acceleration.
I have been trying to cleanse
My world of the negative
And embrace the positive
Which at first  was difficult and unnatural
But is becoming easier and more habitual
with the passage of time.

While your words don’t carry the weight the once held
the memories of past hurts are hard to erase
And I know that to cut our bond
Will allow me to spread my wings a bit more.
I can no longer allow myself
to be weighed down with past sentiments,
that are blurred at best, if I am to grow
In love and light
In possibility and positivity.

So I must say goodbye, you see
That we may part ways
And flourish in new opportunities.



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After a particularly harrowing incident
We need a sign
to set us back to right.

Am I on the right path
Am I right in my decision
Am I taking a step forward?
Am I making Positive Change?

If you listen
the universe sends answers in spades.
Some quietly whispered
Some loudly shouted.

I have been receiving quiet signs
and gentle nudges
How they could relate is a bit
Hazy, not quite clear.

Words in black and white
from an unexpected source
finally did the trick
And the message was received loud and clear.


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The Struggle

Mercury is in retrograde
And the air is heavy
with tumultuousness.
There is a reoccurring theme
of struggle
Heavy on the minds
of the enlightened.
Our world today
Runs at such a hurried pace
Fitting “it all in”
is preposterous.
Yet, we try.
And so often
in the journey
of our pursuit
We neglect ourselves
or our loved ones
And forget that the
things that hold the most value
Are not “thing”s at all
They are people,
And they are the intangible
Beliefs, Morals, integrity.
So breathe
my friends
Calm your pace
Ignore the “mess”
Gather your loved ones.
Give hugs and kisses and thank you’s.
And go outside and inhale
the scents of the coming change
of the seasons.
Mercury Retrograde won’t last
much longer.


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Whatever happened to accountability???

I’ve always loved words that flow, Especially when they show Colors of truth others would deny as they live their lives by and by Pretending to be something they are not. Trying to get off scot free and not have to answer to the consequences of their actions. They ignore the rules and laws and try to take action into their own hands. Not for freedom or to take a stand but because of money, greed and power, because they believe they need to live in a penthouse tower.  They think they have the right to control what happens to others not caring how it effects those people’s sisters and brothers.  Instead of letting the evil divide we need to take hands and stand side by side.  We need to start holding people accountable for their actions, we need to get rid of the government factions that are trying to turn us against one another so we are too distracted to see the hypocrisy. They feed us lie after lie after lie and try to tie our hands claiming they know what’s best for the majority then they go behind our backs and make side deals with the enemy while eating crumpets and sipping tea.  They are slowly stripping us of our rights and inciting fear in hopes to stop a fight. If they succeed to divide us with all their distractions they will evade the repercussions of the consequences of their actions.  We have to be willing to fight for our freedoms no matter the stigma it brings.  Only the courageous speak their minds these days, our forefathers I’m sure are rolling over in their graves as the country for which they fought is so slowly yet rapidly falling apart.  I myself feel a hole in my heart as I watch things like morals disappear.  To find an honest person has become so rare.  We need to stop existing as sheep in a flock, stop taking stock in the belief our “leaders” are doing what’s best for us all and call out to each other to find courage to fight.  Fight for our freedoms, the ones we have left at least, give up the illusion of peace and make our demands known.  Through all the ripples of tension and fear what the people want is easy to hear.  We want change…

© 2016 -LRFB

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The Art of Being Sick

A most gosh awful sickness rolled through our home the past two weeks, and now I am playing catch up with all aspects of life.  Forgive me for neglecting you.  I will pick up with regularly scheduled program as soon as I get somewhat caught up with things.  Until then, I thought this poem appropriate. . .

To the world you put on a brave face

Then stay as far away from the actual people as you can
You wash your hands as often as possible
And are mindful of what you touch
While you are alone in your office
You close your eyes and just breathe
As you try to navigate the thick fog
That was once your mind.
You tell your aching body to get it together
And hope that the antibodies on the inside are winning the battle
Then you head to the breakroom for a cup of warmth
So you can push through the next few hours
Until the clock strikes time
And you can head home to be miserable by yourself…


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