The Art of Being Sick

A most gosh awful sickness rolled through our home the past two weeks, and now I am playing catch up with all aspects of life.  Forgive me for neglecting you.  I will pick up with regularly scheduled program as soon as I get somewhat caught up with things.  Until then, I thought this poem appropriate. . .

To the world you put on a brave face

Then stay as far away from the actual people as you can
You wash your hands as often as possible
And are mindful of what you touch
While you are alone in your office
You close your eyes and just breathe
As you try to navigate the thick fog
That was once your mind.
You tell your aching body to get it together
And hope that the antibodies on the inside are winning the battle
Then you head to the breakroom for a cup of warmth
So you can push through the next few hours
Until the clock strikes time
And you can head home to be miserable by yourself…


If you like poetry, check out some of my other creations here.


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