Hi I’m Lisa! I am a 30 something working mother to a wild and energetic toddler boy, wife to a wonderful handy husband, caretaker of one crazy Catahoula dog, 4 misfit cats and owner of a lovely (with room for improvement) 1950’s house! I am a total hippie at heart, I have a degree in psychology, I love to read and write, I dabble in natural remedies (or voodoo medicine as my coworker so lovingly calls it) and I love DIY crafts and projects. I recently became a Co Leader of A Holistic Mom’s Network where I am trying to grow a community group of awesome women who share in my natural beliefs. Join me on my journey of live trying to make our home into our homestead and to live a simple life. Let’s get rid of the clutter and make room for what’s important.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
Peace and Blessings.


I love hearing from you with questions comments or suggestions! I love to collaborate with other bloggers and writers. Feel Free to Email Me with questions or comments.

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A passion for organics


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