The Struggle

Mercury is in retrograde
And the air is heavy
with tumultuousness.
There is a reoccurring theme
of struggle
Heavy on the minds
of the enlightened.
Our world today
Runs at such a hurried pace
Fitting “it all in”
is preposterous.
Yet, we try.
And so often
in the journey
of our pursuit
We neglect ourselves
or our loved ones
And forget that the
things that hold the most value
Are not “thing”s at all
They are people,
And they are the intangible
Beliefs, Morals, integrity.
So breathe
my friends
Calm your pace
Ignore the “mess”
Gather your loved ones.
Give hugs and kisses and thank you’s.
And go outside and inhale
the scents of the coming change
of the seasons.
Mercury Retrograde won’t last
much longer.


If you like poetry, check out more of my creations here.



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