Whatever happened to accountability???

I’ve always loved words that flow, Especially when they show Colors of truth others would deny as they live their lives by and by Pretending to be something they are not. Trying to get off scot free and not have to answer to the consequences of their actions. They ignore the rules and laws and try to take action into their own hands. Not for freedom or to take a stand but because of money, greed and power, because they believe they need to live in a penthouse tower.  They think they have the right to control what happens to others not caring how it effects those people’s sisters and brothers.  Instead of letting the evil divide we need to take hands and stand side by side.  We need to start holding people accountable for their actions, we need to get rid of the government factions that are trying to turn us against one another so we are too distracted to see the hypocrisy. They feed us lie after lie after lie and try to tie our hands claiming they know what’s best for the majority then they go behind our backs and make side deals with the enemy while eating crumpets and sipping tea.  They are slowly stripping us of our rights and inciting fear in hopes to stop a fight. If they succeed to divide us with all their distractions they will evade the repercussions of the consequences of their actions.  We have to be willing to fight for our freedoms no matter the stigma it brings.  Only the courageous speak their minds these days, our forefathers I’m sure are rolling over in their graves as the country for which they fought is so slowly yet rapidly falling apart.  I myself feel a hole in my heart as I watch things like morals disappear.  To find an honest person has become so rare.  We need to stop existing as sheep in a flock, stop taking stock in the belief our “leaders” are doing what’s best for us all and call out to each other to find courage to fight.  Fight for our freedoms, the ones we have left at least, give up the illusion of peace and make our demands known.  Through all the ripples of tension and fear what the people want is easy to hear.  We want change…

© 2016 -LRFB

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