The affairs of life
As of late
Have taken their toll
Last night
The nervousness
From layoffs of the downturn
The push
to keep a positive attitude
and the demands
of daily life
Left me feeling
Emotionally and physically

I gave in
to the emotional overload
I ordered
an easy dinner
I let the babe
watch movies in bed
while I indulged my mind
In the fantasy
of fictional characters
I let the dishes sit
where the lay
and we all retired early
to the peace of a bit extra


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The Monday Blues

Running late
Nothing new
Arrived at work
Sailed through the day
Escaping the normal
Monday hiccups

Pick up the child
Arrive home
Orchestrate dinner
Manage to clear all the dishes
With ample time to
hit the gym

Arrive early
Drop off the babe
Head to class
Waiting with the Yogi’s
Only to get a call
“We need you in the childcare”

The babe has gotten sick
I need to collect him
Please don’t return for 24 hrs
Is he really sick
Or was he crying so hard
he threw up?

I am frustrated
I wanted this class
I needed this class
By my child needed me
And his need at this moment
supersedes my own.

Dad is in class
We wander outside
Until the hiccups have passed
Back inside
Bright eyed and bushy tailed
There’s no hint of sickness.

In the bath
the truth is revealed
“A girl took my wagon
And I wanted you”
He cried because he was upset
The sickness a reflex of frustration

abruptly I want to cry
I want to give the
people at the childcare
A piece of my mind
And I plan to on our return
So these events are not recurring

But for now
I snuggle my child
try to let the frustrations melt
from my body and mind
And chalk it up knowing
Monday had the last laugh


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Let’s start the week with a poem.

The pressure is building
behind my eyes
and i wonder
if tonight
will be
yet another sleepless night
with vivid dreams
I cannot remember
but awaken from
with a haunted feeling
just the same. . .

waking at three seventeen yet again
my mind racing, ready to arise
my body still aching
for rest.

I’ve prayed to their gods
for peace and silence
but my prayers,
as always,
go unanswered.
so I pray to their god’s no longer
I opt for an earthly solution
and sip the chamomille that
has so often
heavied my eyelids
and i pray to the earth gods
that their remedy
is more effective.

I slid under the covers
and let the effects
of the flowers
wash over me
and am lulled
into somnolence
by the steady purr
of the cat
by my feet.


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I’m Published!!!

Poetry will always be my first love when it comes to writing.  I love the freedom from rules and stringing words together to make them whisper softly to your soul.  Today one of my poems is being featured at Mamalode.

I wrote this poem for all the fellow moms who have helped me in this journey of motherhood. Check it out it’s called Strength in Numbers.

And if your a Mom and you haven’t checked out Mamalode. . Do it! It’s a great place to read stories written by other moms to inspire, help and share the joys and pains of motherhood.

Much love to all,


P.S. I only get paid if it people go to the site and read the poem, so please take a minute and get inspired and help a mom earn some extra cash!

The Power of Music

Turn the music on
and close your eyes
Let the rhythms
rock your flesh
Allow the cadence
seep in your soul
Free the verse
flow from your lips
Open your ears
hear the honesty
Only the piece
can provide your heart
That only the music
can map out in your mind.
Surrender to the beats
Immerse in the meter
And Emerge
in an essence
of wonder.



The Battle for Bedtime

Sunlight fades in the sky
And it’s time to settle in for the night.
Baths have been had
Teeth brushed
Books read
We settle under the covers
But you have other ideas
Your little mind
is still swelling with thoughts
Your small body
still vibrating with energy
And so begins
The battle for bedtime.
-LRFB July 2015

If you like this short poem check out the following book:
(this book does involve explicit language, be warned)


Months have passed
but the swirl of activities
Time ticks slowly
at a frenetic pace
as the “to do” list,
having morphed
into a unrecognizable force
that has taken on a life of it’s own,
transforms and grows
at an alarming pace.
All I can do is breathe
on one day
at a time
one task at a time
and remind myself
it will all get done. . .

-LRFB 6/24/15