Spring 2016

Spring this year has been rough.  It seems like every week has presented new challenges and I have already been looking  for the fast forward to fall button.

Challenge number 1: The Great Flood of 2016

In April here in the Houston area we saw more rain in one day than some place see in a year and if you know anything about the Houston area, lots of rain means lots of flooding. We live in a pier and beam house so our house didn’t get water in it, but our back door had enough wetness that it needed to be replaced.  We were without power, water, or both for 4 days, and while we were quite lucky compared to some,  I’m pretty sure we passed the zombie apocalypse training the floods gave us.


Challenge Number 2: Soggy Ground Leads to Uprooted Trees.

This is a challenge we are battling slowly.  We had two trees fall during all the rain.  Luckily nothing was damaged, but it takes time and a lot of elbow grease to power up the chainsaw and cut up massive amounts of tree, so this will be an ongoing project, headed mainly be my husband. If you need any firewood feel free to swing by and take some off our hand. We still have piles from the last tree that fell.


Challenge Number 3: Starting a New Chapter

A while back I attended a meeting with the Holistic Mom’s Network in Houston. I loved it. I loved the people and the sense of community so when I found out another lady wanted to launch a chapter on my side of town, but was having difficulty finding a Co-leader I decided to step up to the plate. It’s challenging and rewarding so far and I can’t wait to see what amazing people we will meet and what wonderful things we will learn.

Challenge Number 4: An Unexpected Addition

Normally when you have a few outside cats and a crazy Catahoula, other animals tend to make themselves scarce. Not at our house. A little black kitty showed up in our yard a few weeks ago and hasn’t left yet. When the dog first saw her she ran over and nudged her, the cat didn’t budge, so the dog quickly accepted her as one of the pack. The two boy kitties who are 2-3 times larger than her both act scared of her and go out of there way to leave her alone. My son loves her, picks her up and carries her around and already christened her “Boo” kitty, so I guess she’s a keeper. She is incredibly sweet.


There have also been dentist and doctor and chiropractor appointments. New babies being born and birthday parties and more birthday parties. Work and house chores. Trying to make that one dinner you’ve been wanting to go to. Toddlers to chase, you know the normal activities life presents.

In any case, that’s most of what I’ve been up to this Spring. Hopefully, yours has been full of fun packed adventures as well. Here’s to hoping for a more laid back summer.

Food Revolution Day

It seems lately that Food has been a topic that has come up everywhere.  I think about food choices daily as I run around in this chaotic place trying to live and balance life.  I hear my friends struggle about making food choices.  I hear in my groups, people wanting to learn more about food, food choices and nutrition.

So, with all this food on my mind, I thought it was time to remind everyone about:

Food Revolution Day.food-rev-day

What is Food Revolution Day about?

“Access to good, fresh, nutritious food is every child’s human right, but currently we’re failing our children. Millions of kids are eating too much of the wrong food, while millions more don’t get enough of the good stuff to let them grow and thrive. We need to unite as one strong, single voice to force governments and businesses to create a healthier, happier world for the future.”  Sign up now and join the revolution!

USA-marketing-spends (1)

It is up to US as individuals to teach each other about food, to help each other make good food choices and to start demanding that the world feed our children good healthy foods.  Learn more about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Jamie Olivers Food Foundation and check Out his 10 Easy Tips to Live By to take a step towards a healthier you.