Immunizations are NOT required for school attendance (well in Texas anyway)

I haven’t written on this topic on my blog, but if you follow me on facebook, you might have gathered that I am a supporter of Vaccine Choice.  I have hesitated to write on the topic because it is scary and controversial and it will probably end up pissing someone off.  I wrote about this topic on my personal facebook page and I know I upset at least one person to the point they felt they needed to unfriend me.  I never spoke any harsh words towards anyone during the postings.  Most of the people in the conversation used intelligent words in our banterings back and forth and I made sure to NEVER attack anyone even though I myself felt verbally and personally attacked once or twice.  I’ve been thinking lately that because this topic is scary and controversial it is probably one that deserves to be written about and recent events have pushed me into typing out some opinions on the matter.

A brave friend of mine recently wrote a letter to her school district in disgust with the way the district handles the topic of immunizations for our children.  After being sent numerous fliers in the mail, and email reminders she finally had had enough when she clicked on the school website and was greeted by a flier offering free immunization clinics she felt she had reached her breaking point and wrote a letter telling them of their biases.  The phrase that she felt was inaccurate and grossly misleading is the phrase I am sure you have been seeing everywhere now that back to school approaches “children must have their immunizations up-to-date before they start school”

Did you know that your child does NOT have to be immunized to attend public school?  I didn’t until a few years ago.  I thought as many people do that it was a law that you had to keep your children up to date on their shots for them to be able to attend school.  The following is an exert from the


“(c) Immunization is not required for a person’s admission to any elementary or secondary school if the person applying for admission: (1) submits to the admitting official:
(A) an affidavit or a certificate signed by a physician who is duly registered and licensed to practice medicine in the United States, in which it is stated that, in the physician’s opinion, the immunization required poses a significant risk to the health and well-being of the applicant or any member of the applicant’s family or household; or
(B) an affidavit signed by the applicant or, if a minor, by the applicant’s parent or guardian stating that the applicant declines immunization for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief; or (2) is a member of the armed forces of the United States and is on active duty.”

The statement that “children must have their immunizations up-to-date before they start school” is almost a lie by omission.  What the school district should state (as do many schools of higher education) is that Children must have their immunizations up to date OR have a valid state exemption form.  The choice of which to present to your school is up to you.

My personal opinion is that the government has no right to decide what medical treatment you receive, however, big or small it seems to be.  Your medical concerns should be between YOU and YOUR doctor.  The government interferes in a lot of areas and our health should be none of their business.  I believe that we should have right to make our own medical decisions and that vaccines could be the floodgate to the government deciding what other medical decisions that feel we should be allowed to make.

If you’re interested in learning more on this topic you can go to

National Vaccine Information Center

Texans for Vaccine Choice



P.S. I am NOT a supporter of Hillary Clinton.  I do not choose the ads they post on this account and it disgusted me when I saw the ad under this post.


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