Risk is not a dirty word.

When you think of risk, what comes to mind? The stock market? Gambling? A start-up business? All of these things involve taking risks.  What about trying a new restaurant, speaking to a stranger or trying a new class?  Don’t all these things also involve taking risks?

There are some words that we think of as negative words.  They carry with them negative undertones, when in fact they are really just words.  Words themselves are not negative or positive, we, as humans give them these connotations by the feelings they provoke when they come up in conversation.  The word risk usually carries with it negative associations.  When we think about taking risks the adrenal starts pumping a little and our mind races.  It can physically make us uncomfortable to think about “taking a risk”.

The topic of taking risks came up in a group I am in, and it amazed me the emotions that were evoked when the subject of taking risks came up.  The majority of the group looked at taking risks as scary, hard and uncomfortable. (Also words that tend to have negative associations).  While I agree that taking large risks such as changing a job or starting a new business can be scary and uncomfortable as they push us out of our comfort zone, I also want to point out that there are small risks we take every day that we don’t think twice about.

When we try new restaurants and read new books we don’t think of these tasks as being scary.  But aren’t we taking risks when we do these things?  We are taking a chance that the food and atmosphere in this new eating establishment will be enjoyable and that we won’t mind paying the bill at the end of the meal.  We are taking a chance that this book we purchased will fill us with new knowledge or open our imagination or let us escape from our own reality into a fantasy world for a bit.

So, I challenge you.  Make it at point to take a risk today.  Try something new, a new restaurant, a new show, a new book. . . talk to a stranger, buy a new item at the grocery store.  Stop seeing taking risks as something negative and scary and start thinking about it an awaiting opportunity.



Finding Time to Fit it all In.

I recently signed up for a 30 day blog challenge.  I must be out of my mind. How am I going to accomplish this and work full time and fulfill mommy duties and spend time with the husband and keep the house in some semblance of order?

The answer in all truth is “I don’t know.”  And “I might fail.” But you never know unless you try so this is me, challenging myself.

Trying to keep up with a schedule can be tricky.  Making sure posts get written and posted isn’t always easy.  These are a few tips and tricks I do use to help keep the inspiration flowing and the words writing.

The Draft Folder

I write lots of drafts.  One of the cool features of most blog publishers is that you have a drafts folder.  This folder is essential to my writing.  When I’m on the omputer this is where I go to dump ideas.  I may write a whole piece, part of a piece or just a few sentences to get me started.  Within these drafts where most of the creating flows from my mind through my fingers into tangible and readable pieces.


I have a confession to make.  I am not in love with my computer.  I don’t much like trying to pull it out when I am out the house unless I am working or writing.  The babe has an insatiable curiosity about the computer which makes getting anything accomplished on it while he is awake darn near impossible. This is where my phone notes take over.  I am constantly typing little tidbits to myself in my notes and then emailing them to myself to be cut and paste into my drafts folder.  It is an essential part of the way I write because since I almost always have my phone nearby it’s easy to whip out and type a few words, sentences or even a whole piece to be used for blog inspiration.

Pen and Paper

Even in this day and age of technology I still like to scribble down ideas with pen and paper.  I love the sounds of a pen scratching words on paper. I keep a little notepad in my purse to scribble down ideas on the run and when at home or at my desk at work there are plenty of sticky noted laying around with a few words and phrase or sometimes whole poems written in teeny tiny letters to be transformed into working pieces when the time suits me.

The Calendar

The one other feature I love about most blog publishers is they have a calendar to allow scheduling.  I do not always have a chance to write every day and some days ideas flow more freely than others.  On those days I may write to or three pieces ready to roll, but I will hold onto them and use them when it suits me.  The calendar allows me to schedule when I want these pieces to be published so I don’t necessarily have to check into my blog every single day.  Life happens, work gets super busy, house projects take  over your life and kiddos get sick.  The calendar helps ensure that I can still get posts posted without having to drive myself crazy checking into it every single day.

I love writing and I am challenging myself to do something I love every day for a month to see where it takes me.  When is the last time you challenged yourself?  Is it time to take a challenge?  I think it is.  Make 2016 your year and challenge yourself to push your limits by doing something you’ve always wanted to do. . . I dare you!

Love to All

I hope you have someone to love today.
I am blessed to have many.
Just a reminder
Don’t get carried away with the stuff.
Get carried away in expressing love.
Do something fun
Do something loving and unexpected
Do something that doesn’t involve accumulating more stuff.
Make some fabulous memories!
(But feel free to leave a box of chocolates for us all to share, food doesn’t count as stuff..)

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When you have a Handy Husband-Cleaning up Clutter

When you have a handy husband, he pitches in to help clean up clutter.

In our house, most of the inside clutter and cleaning falls on my shoulders, but the outside cleaning and clutter gets laid mostly on his shoulders.  With all the DIY projects we engage in I think the cleaning of clutter ends up equally distributed since he handles most of the heavy lifting.

Since I’ve made it my mission for 2016 to declutter our lives and have been actively engaging in little projects around the house to bring this mission to fruition, my husband was inspired to start cleaning up the clutter around the yard.  We have piles of wood everywhere.  A lot of the wood is from trimming trees and shrubs, we also have stacks of wood for building, and scraps of wood left over from building projects and deconstructions.  These little stacks end up scattered in different places around the yard, in the shed’s and on the porches, so the hubby decided it was time to organize the piles.

He started a fire and started burning more tree cuttings and also some of the scrap that he determined was probably not of use.  We also tore up some old flower beds and started burning the rotted wood from those.  While he was burning and organizing he came across some PVC pipe that he didn’t want to just throw away so he put it to good use organizing some of our outside yard equipment.  It never ceases to amaze me what kind of things you can create from “scraps.”