When you have a Handy Husband-Cleaning up Clutter

When you have a handy husband, he pitches in to help clean up clutter.

In our house, most of the inside clutter and cleaning falls on my shoulders, but the outside cleaning and clutter gets laid mostly on his shoulders.  With all the DIY projects we engage in I think the cleaning of clutter ends up equally distributed since he handles most of the heavy lifting.

Since I’ve made it my mission for 2016 to declutter our lives and have been actively engaging in little projects around the house to bring this mission to fruition, my husband was inspired to start cleaning up the clutter around the yard.  We have piles of wood everywhere.  A lot of the wood is from trimming trees and shrubs, we also have stacks of wood for building, and scraps of wood left over from building projects and deconstructions.  These little stacks end up scattered in different places around the yard, in the shed’s and on the porches, so the hubby decided it was time to organize the piles.

He started a fire and started burning more tree cuttings and also some of the scrap that he determined was probably not of use.  We also tore up some old flower beds and started burning the rotted wood from those.  While he was burning and organizing he came across some PVC pipe that he didn’t want to just throw away so he put it to good use organizing some of our outside yard equipment.  It never ceases to amaze me what kind of things you can create from “scraps.”



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