There is a tiny bit of Good Baby Advice

When you are pregnant, and after you have your little bundle of joy, you get bombarded from all directions with unsolicited advice. Friends, family, your doctors and even strangers feel the need to tell you: what you will need, what you will want, what you should and what you shouldn’t do with your baby.  A few words of caution: most of the advice you will receive will be utterly worthless.  Did you read that, utterly worthless! But…a few randomly tossed pieces of advice will stick to you like glue and you will rack your post pregnancy brain to no end trying to remember what saint of a person delivered you such advice so you can send them a Thank You note with a gift card for their genius.

1. Have a diaper party and buy diapers once every paycheck while you are pregnant.  If you aren’t part of the cloth diaper revolution I suggest you start stocking up on diapers!  This technique lets your wallet feel the pain in advance and then if you get in a pinch with money a little later on your baby’s butt can still be covered.  Buy all different sizes newborn-6.  Yes, it will take up some of your precious storage, but let me tell you how awesome it is to NOT have to buy diapers all the time during the first year of baby’s life, you just open the door to the closet and, wham, take your pick.  (On a side note your husband will thank you for not having to make a run to the store in the middle of the night because you thought you had enough diapers to make it through until morning.  He got his fill of that when you sent him for hummus and watermelon at midnight while you were pregnant.)

2. Sleep when baby sleeps.  I think a lot of us have heard this one and don’t think much of it, until we actually do it!  I cannot tell you how much you should heed this advice!  I still do this and my baby is almost two!  Most mothers are sleep deprived and can use every extra wink of sleep they can get.  If you put your baby down for a nap and try to accomplish anything, that little sucker will wake right up, babies have a sixth sense that kicks in anytime you try to get something done and they will immediately put a stop to progress of any kind.  If you sleep while they are sleeping, you feel better and I swear they sleep for longer because they can sense they aren’t missing anything.  (For hands free cleaning try wearing baby in a sling/carrier of sorts.)

3. Get a good baby monitor.  You will appreciate this for the few nights the baby actually sleeps in their own bed. You can spy on your spouse while they are in with the baby, so you know if you need to come flying in to fix something they are doing wrong.  And if you need to go outside for a minute to scream and release a little tension of your own, you can watch your little angel on the monitor to make sure your own screaming doesn’t in turn cause their screaming.

4. Find a good online mommy group and join!  Because, let’s face it, the only other people that are awake at 2:30 in the morning who willimmediately respond to a question you post (because they are also up) is another mom.  If you have a good mommy group you can post all sorts of questions you are too embarrassed to ask your friends or family and you will get NO JUDGEMENT because they know exactly what you are talking about and want to help you through it the best they can!

All the advice on what items you need for baby are opinions.  Different things work for different babies and parents. Take all this advice with a grain of salt (even mine). It’s all trial and error when it comes to yourbaby.  You will hear people say you can’t live without “blah, blah, blah”… but the truth is, if you didn’t know it existed, you might just be able to.




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