Sometimes the thoughts
Flow so swiftly
My hand cannot keep up
And the words escape,
Roll out of my mind
Lost in oblivion
Where they float in space
Someone else
May snatch them up
To be used at a later date
Or until…
I recall a snippet of what once was
And add some more
This Secondary Version
Will never live up
To the original thought
But that’s the beauty of words
They are never really lost at all
They just keep in Limbo
Longing to be used
Waiting to mature
And evolve into something different
Something Better
A new formula
To get your heart pumping
And your mind racing
An even better combination
Comes along
To be revised and refreshed
And show you
How to breathe
Life again
In a new way.
Change is a revolution
An evolution of the past
Into the future
Sparked by a thought
That turns into a pattern
That spreads
Opening the hearts
And minds
Of a Few
That turns into a many
Until the circle comes
Back into itself
And Starts Again.

© 2017 LRFB



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The Battle for Bedtime

Sunlight fades in the sky
And it’s time to settle in for the night.
Baths have been had
Teeth brushed
Books read
We settle under the covers
But you have other ideas
Your little mind
is still swelling with thoughts
Your small body
still vibrating with energy
And so begins
The battle for bedtime.
-LRFB July 2015

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