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The Power of Positive Thinking

In January, the neighbors in the house next door moved out and the owner of the home put the house up for rent.   I cannot tell you what a scary concept it is imaging what type of neighbors might move in.  In the few years we have lived in our home we have had some good neighbors and some downright aweful neighbors, so when you let your imagination start to run wild about what type of people you might end up having move in next to you, well, it’s enough to keep you up at night.


I decided that I was going to use the power of positive thinking and intentions to help get us some good new neighbors and I imagined what my ideal neighbors might be.  I decided it would be nice to have a younger couple familiar in country living and if they had a child around my son’s age that would be a great bonus.

The new neighbors moved in this weekend and after I met them I am convinced I wished them there.

When I saw the moving van I couldn’t help but be curious and with a beautiful sun shining day and a little boy who loves being outdoors I was hoping we would catch a glimpse of who these new people were.  Our dogs helped speed up introductions as they were both very curious about who the new creature on the other side of the fence was and I quickly learned the first names of everyone in the new house. The new neighbors are a young couple with a little girl just about six months younger than my son, with two dogs that seem well behaved and well cared for.  They are from South Carolina or, at least, she is from South Carolina.

After meeting the neighbors, I am convinced that the power of positive thinking played a hand in picking our new neighbors.  I plan on letting them get settled in and then I’ll bring them a housewarming basket in gratitude to the universe for sending us what seem to be some good folks.