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Wheels for Adam!

Just an update on Adam. . . because of the overwhelming support form facebook and the news.  Adam will get his wheelchair!!!!  Thank you to everyone who shows support for families in need.  This family is so amazing and so blessed to have strangers give them love and help them out!!!

One of the most beautiful things is when Mom’s band together to try to help each other out.  It is difficult to ask for help, but less so when you have beautiful children depending on you.  One of the Mom’s in my mom’s group moved to Houston and had their family van stolen with all their medical supplies inside, including Adam’s wheelchair.  You can read his and his family’s story below.

This is Adam.
His parents have six beautiful children, some of which were adopted and have special needs. One of those children is ten-year-old Adam who has Spina Bifida.

Adam’s family recently moved to Houston. On the first night here, their 15 passenger van was stolen still containing all of their medical supplies and many of the children’s things. Their van was well suited for handicapped accessibility and a large family to safely travel. Unfortunately, liability insurance doesn’t cover the loss of the van or valuable property inside.

The wheelchair Adam is now using is too small and is becoming increasingly difficult to use. In order for Adam to gain autonomy and acquire freedom, he very badly needs a wheelchair that gives him the ability to keep up with his brothers and sisters and regain the independence that was taken from him.

Adam needs a wheelchair that will grow with him through these vital years of his life. The children’s hospital has such a chair but the family cannot cover the cost of $4500 with their growing medical bills. Insurance would cover the chair, but like many Americans they have an extremely high deductible which far exceeds the price of the chair.

Our first priority is to get Adam the chair he needs to lead as normal of a life as possible. Our next goal is to retrofit a van so it will accommodate their needs for the commutes to Adam’s specialists in Dallas.

Please help us show this family that even though they were victimized by one greedy individual, Texans can come together to help a child in need.

Please feel free to inquire about other ways to donate and thank you all for your support!!

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