Two, Already?!

My Dearest Child,

How is it that you are already two? Two years ago, today, I held you in my arms for the first time as a tiny, newborn baby.  Today you are tiny, little boy.

I have trouble pinpointing when the metamorphosis from baby to tiny, little boy took place.  The transition seemed to happen overnight. . . and after a few brief moments of panic with my mind screaming “What happened to my baby?”, I am learning to be okay with the transition.

I love watching you grow and progress! You are capable of so much and are learning more daily! Never does a day go by without you amazing me in some way. From your powerhouse athletic skills of kicking and throwing balls, climbing on any and everything (and your new stuntman trick of jumping off the bed). . . to your communication through signing and speaking.. . you repeat the long multi syllable words with such precision (yet rarely speak the short words) and when words fail you, sign language helps you express yourself.

Your progression over these quick but short years has been momentous, and I look forward to many, many more.

I love you dear child.