Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers

For a long while
I forgot who I am
a once strong warrior women
always armed and ready
for action,
for battle,
for whatever quest
the spirit guides might set upon my path.

I became lost in a fog
of the changing tide
The transitioning of life seasons
muddling my mind
The birth of my babe
dulling my battle instincts
transforming them instead
to a need to nurture new life.

The once strong
and resonate battle cry
of Maidenhood
replaced with the wail
of a new generation of man
with the beginning
of my new stage of life,

The armor and weaponry
of my maidenhood
sit on the sidelines
waiting for my return
And as the dust  upon them thickens
The dust that lightly veils the heart of this warrior woman
is lightened by the addition
of new weapons to my arsenal.

A tribe of mothers surround me
Lending me their strength ,
And a coven of crones encompass me

In my new apprenticeship
filling me with knowledge,
and teaching me tricks of the trade
that have been passed down
through the generations.

Surrounded by my new clan
the future is optimist in outlook,
the cloud of confusion into
this new stage of life has been lifted.
Where I once thought
I must fight my battles alone,
in single hand to hand combat
I have since learned the lesson of strength in numbers.
© 2015 -LRFB



I’m Published!!!

Poetry will always be my first love when it comes to writing.  I love the freedom from rules and stringing words together to make them whisper softly to your soul.  Today one of my poems is being featured at Mamalode.

I wrote this poem for all the fellow moms who have helped me in this journey of motherhood. Check it out it’s called Strength in Numbers.

And if your a Mom and you haven’t checked out Mamalode. . Do it! It’s a great place to read stories written by other moms to inspire, help and share the joys and pains of motherhood.

Much love to all,


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