Switching to Non Toxic Household Cleaning One Step at a Time

I’ve been slowly transitioning from commercial cleaning products to natural cleaning products.  I can’t bring myself to throw away the ones we already have, and will continue to use them until they are gone (and let me tell you it takes years to go through a bottle of windex. . .) but I have stopped buying any new cleaners.  I have started cleaning with more natural products and using things I already have around the house to make my own!

For Bathroom Cleaning I mix up the following:
Dawn Dish Soap
3 drops of Lemon Essential Oils (Or if I’ve run out of the essential oils I use the juice of 1 whole lemon)

I fill a 16 oz bottle 3/4 of the way with vinegar, I then add about 1 TBSP of dawn dish soap and 3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil or the juice of a whole lemon in a bottle, shake it up and then squirt all over the bathroom counter and bathtub.  You would be amazed that using this cleaner, a washcloth and some elbow grease really does get the bathtub clean (even after multiple uses by one grubby toddler and a husband in construction.)