Cleaning, Organizing, and Building

I’m still plugging away at cleaning, organizing and building to help declutter our home and make my life simpler.  My husband has been busy with little home improvement projects he’s been wanting to tackle and every project helps bring us a step closer to a simpler life.

Project Number One: Changing out some doors.  
When you live in a small house space comes at a premium.  There were two spaces in our home where the doors seemed too big for the space so we changed the hinged doors for folding/sliding doors.  The first door was from the Jack and Jill bath to my son’s room.  The door opened into my son’s room from the bathroom and I was always terrified one day he was going to jump from the bed smack dab right into the door.  The folding door takes up so much less space and I no longer harbor this fear.  Door two was from the laundry room into the bedroom.  Our house is a big circle and we often play hide and seek and “running tag” all through the house.  This door has caused a few bumps and bruises during playtime so, out it went.  No bumps or bruises have been reported since this door has been changed.

Project Number Two: Changing plugs, switches and adding some new dimmable lights.
My husband has talked about adding some dimmable lights in the living room for a while now, but getting in the attic in Texas is not something you normally want to do.  The weather has been forgiving lately so he climbed on up and cut a couple of holes in the ceiling to add some new dimmable cans.  Honestly when he talked about adding the lights I really had no opinion, but now that it’s done my thoughts have been more along the line of “Why didn’t we do this sooner???”.  While he was on his mini-rampage, he added a dimmer to the living room light and fan and added some really cool plugs with built-in night lights.  These are the perks of living with an Electrician, he knows that little things can make a big difference.

Project Number Three: Fixing the fence.
I cannot even begin to explain my love-hate relationship with trees at our home.  We have had so many trees fall down and the aftermath is a nightmare.  A few trees helped in the destruction of parts of our fence.  Our dog is normally fairly well behaved and stays in the yard but lately, she’s been leaning toward the ill-mannered and keeps taking off through the holes in the fence.  We can’t scold her too harshly as we all know squirrels are irresistible.  To fix the larger part of the downed fence required quite a bit or shrub clearing.  My husband and I hacked and whacked and piled up to large piles of brush (to be burned at a later date).  We cleared away enough room to roll out some new fencing.  Fence hole number two still has a downed tree in the way so we laid some fencing down as a deterrent until we can figure out a more meaningful fix without having to cut up that tree.  It’s at the back property fence line so I’m not in too big a rush to work on its removal just yet, but I would like to keep the dog in the yard.  I found another place she was escaping from after she got trapped on the other side of the new fence. . .naughty dog. ..




Project Number Four: Building an Outdoor Table Using Wood from the Pile

Have you ever been to Ana White’s website?  If you haven’t you really don’t know what you’re missing.  Ana is this awesome lady who lives in Alaska and builds all sorts of different things and posts actual plans on how to build the things.  We have used these plans on numerous occasions and the latest was building an outdoor table and some benches.  My husband and I worked on this project together and it made me miss projects, so I have a feeling this is going to be the year of projects.  I love making things, working with my hands and getting dirty, so this year I want to do a lot more of it.



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