Maddy’s 4th Annual Children’s Book Drive

Maddy’s 4th Annual Children’s Book Drive is quickly approaching!!!  Don’t forget to mark your calendars!!! Over 3500 books went out last year. Anyone think we can make it 4,000 this year?  We can if YOU help!!!!
Saturday, June 25th 1-4pm
Revels Performing Arts Center, LLC
4227 Center St, Deer Park, Texas 77536
Maddy was a beautiful and vivacious little girl who drowned shortly before her fourth birthday. Her parents Bill and Vanessa are two of my hero’s. They get up every day and live life to the fullest extent possible in memory of this beautiful little angel of a girl. Each year in honor of Maddy’s birthday, a children’s book drive is held with the sole purpose of trying to get a book into the hands of every child regardless of their circumstances. All of the books are donated to different charities and organizations depending on their need.  Maddy loved books and reading! She was very fortunate to have access to as many books as she could get her hands on in the short time that she was here. Join us in celebration of Maddy’s 8th birthday and help make reading a possibility for all children. If you can’t make the event you can mail books to the address listed above to help make a difference in a child’s life.

For those of you in and around Livingston, TX:

If you’d like to donate books but are unable to make this year’s drive, books can be dropped off at Livingston City Hall, 200 W. Church St.

For those of you in Town in Houston

Little Woodrow’s EaDo is a drop off point for books. 2019 Walker 77003. Ask for Greg.
Bring in your books and stay for a beer!



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