The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

Last week when my son had an ear infection I tried to contact the chiropractor to make an appointment.  The website was down, the phone disconnected and a text to her cell went unanswered. I found it odd but I wanted to get my son an adjustment to try to help his ears so I contacted a different chiropractor, one that my sister uses and who also happens to be the husband of a mom in a mom’s group I’m a member of. I was able to arrange an appointment for that afternoon.

When I was speaking to the new chiropractor, I told him the story of the disappearance of my former chiropractor and told him the names of both her and another chiropractor I had used in the past. He told me he had actually been in the office of my missing chiropractor last week because his office was looking to expand. They were looking to possibly use her space to expand into.

How weird is that? How very strange.

I can only believe that the universe was calling me to come meet this new chiropractor.


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