Getting Back on Track

It never fails to amaze me how much a break from normal routine can throw you for a loop.  A horrible stomach virus swept through our home in the middle of February lasting for two weeks.  As we were healing from that sickness the little came down with a horrible ear infection.  When the little is sick he wants Mamma and he wants cuddles.  If I leave him alone for too long (you know 5-10 minutes) he comes to find me, wraps onto my leg like a boa constrictor and tells me “Mamma, come lay down.”  When he is in sick mode it is hard to get anything accomplished and the house tends to suffer.  I have come to terms with this.  I would rather be taking care of my child when he needs me than have a sparkly clean house. Finally, though, we are back on track to wellness and reorganization.

While I was sick with a raging fever I noticed all the specks and flecks and tinest pieces of dirt everywhere in the house.  Nothing seemed clean.  I was sick enough that I was confined mostly to the bed and the bathroom and not in any shape to remedy this.  As I started to regain more normal function I attacked the bathroom with a cleaning vengeance, washing all linens, soaking toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing down any surface with homemade antibacterial spray.  I believe it is because of this my husband was spared from the horribleness.  I exhausted myself in my cleaning antics and didn’t get much else accomplished the rest of that weekend.

When I returned to work I had piles and piles vying for my attention.  Errands to run during lunch.  Doctors appointments to make for the little since now his ears seemed to be a mess.  And my phone shorted out and had to be replaced.  I didn’t feel like accomplished much, except to keep my head above water and make sure our clothes were clean and all people and animals were fed.  Over the weekend we got the house back on track, and even accomplished some yard work.

I was surprised at how much getting out of my normal routine threw me for a loop and how hard it was to get back on track.  Now I need to come up with a contingency plan so I can stay on track even when life throws you curveballs, because let’s face it, there are always going to be curveballs. . .

I’ve decided step one is to get back on track with my organization and decluttering.  So goals for this week.  Write things down so I don’t forget them. (I had two #momfails over the weekend, getting the date of my son’s classmate’s birthday party wrong and missing the party and then forgetting to go to the farm for raw milk.)  I already went through important dates I know of coming up and entered them in my phone with reminders, and started making notes in my new phone.  Step 2 decluttering the house and getting rid of things a little at a time again.  We brought two boxes to goodwill over the weekend and then my husband decluttered his closet so now we have another bag to take away.  Next step, the closet in my son’s room.


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