Follow the Signs

Have you ever noticed the signs the universe sends?  They are easy to miss and ignore if your mind and heart aren’t open.  But if you open your mind and your heart they seem to pour in from all directions.

One of my goals for 2016 is to venture out more.  To be more social, meet new people, learn new things.  So I signed up for a vision board workshop.  I used to love making collages when I was younger and I thought it would be a perfect way to learn something new and to meet some new people.  I was correct.

It amazes me how the signs of the week lined up perfectly guiding me to the vision board class.  Peaceful Parents Happy Kids a book telling me I’m on track with my parenting skills but also offers room for improvement.   The book was an unintended find that spoke to my soul in the first few pages. Inspiring emails from Meg Meeker focusing on “Yes, I Can!”  Positivity pouring out around me everywhere I looked, from facebook feeds to nature and people I encountered at every turn from the gas station to the grocery store.

A hit on the work front offered a lot of insight, simultaneously scaring the crap out of me while also giving me a kick in the butt to figure out what I want to be when I grow up led me to post to my mom friends asking what they do so I can get further inspiration.  I was disappointed by some reply’s as I really don’t want to be a cocktail waitress again, but did receive some inspirational responses and also found that one of my fellow moms raises chickens (another goal for 2016) and offered to teach me about them.

When I arrived at the vision board class and we started to get into the groove I was so happy.  The signs kept pouring in left and right telling me the universe had been leading me to this moment and that I was supposed to be there.  I met some amazing people, one, another writer who may have helped inspire me further that maybe I can one day make a living blogging/writing.

What is a vision board you might ask?  A vision board is a tool that can be used to help set, clarify and specify and meet your goals.  According to Make a Vision Board Website a vision board helps you to
1. Identify your vision(s)/goals and give them clarity.
2. Reinforce your daily affirmations.
3. Keep your attention on your intentions.

Our workshop leader instructed us that when you put things on your board you should be very specific and intentional.  I had brought a picture of our little 1950’s house because I want to complete some more projects around the house.  She said to instead add pictures of what I want the completed projects to look likehelp get the energy flowing in the proper direction of completed projects.  I am tempted to color the picture of the house a rusty red as that is the color we have decided we want to paint it this year.  I might still hunt down the colored pencils and give that a go.

There are many ways to focus your intentions on a vision board.  We used Feng Shui and divided our board into 9 quadrants.


I hadn’t been prepared for this and I was glad that we had something to help remind me of what areas of my life I should be focusing on.  I was missing some important areas and after talking about how we need to intentionally set each goal on the board I knew my board was going to take more work than just an hour or so at a workshop.  I’m actually still working on fine tuning, but this is what I have so far.  A lot of goals this year.  A lot of positivity.  A lot less wishing and a lot more doing.






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