The Fire that wouldn’t die

We have a lot of wood piled up on our property from our attempts at taming the trees.  My husband lit a fire this afternoon to get rid of a woodpile that was pushing against the fence and causing it to sag.  He put the fire out before he came inside for dinner but the heavy winds stirred it back to life and before I gathered my hunters in for the night I had to extinguish it once again.  I stood and watched the flames dance for a bit taking in the warmth and the sounds of the night before I turned the water on. The embers kept reigniting even after a good dousing so I kept at it until it smoked no more.  I smell like a campfire and I love it.  I love our property.  Not everyone gets to experience the country admidst a huge city on a daily basis and I am thankful and grateful we are blessed to live where we do.image


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