They Call it RIF

They call it RIF
Reduction in Force
I guess it sounds a hint nicer
Then fired
or Laid Off.

It’s a scary time
in the O&G industry
Nothing seems stable
Here one day
Gone the next.

The past year
Has seen much change
Many longtime friends
Are no longer here
And I’m fearful.

The latest hit
In my department
My replacement boss
and the shop manager
Who do I report to now?

Who will be next
Am I safe
I’m so scared
Change is inevitable
I know

But will I be part
of new changes here
Or will my path
Take me
Somewhere else?

I dreamed last night
I was packing
the things in my office
Am I next, I wonder
I pray not.

Pray with me I ask
Pray for those
Part of RIF
And pray for us left
That we remain.





4 thoughts on “They Call it RIF

  1. Hang in there, start getting your resume put together and think about the skill sets that you have. There are always jobs out there. Can it be tough in the meantime? sure, but think about taking care of your self….re diet, exercise, pile up a massive emergency fund. Empower yourself to think positively that IF something happens, you will find a better job. Good luck!!!


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