Set Goals, do not make Resolutions

Happy New Year!  It’s around this time every year that people swear it’s the time they are going to ___________.  (Fill in the blank with one of many resolutions . . .lose weight, eat healthier, start working out, get my finances in order, spend more time with friends/family, etc. . .)

The thing is though that after January fades away many people lose steam with these “resolutions”.  I challenge you to get out of the Resolution mindset and to get into the Goal Setting Mindset.

There are a few main area’s of life that you should try to concentrate your goals around to be successful.  They are:

  1. Physical Goals (Health, Diet, Exercise)
  2. Intellectual Goals (Reading books, taking classes, learning something new)
  3. Career Goals (Increasing your salary, finding a new job, starting a side business)
  4. Social Goals (Having dinner with friends once a month, joining a club)
  5. Financial Goals ( Paying down debt, saving money for retirement, starting a college fund)
  6. Spiritual Goals (Going to church/synagogue/temple/pagan festivals, learning to meditate, taking a spiritual class)
  7. Family Goals (Having a weekly date with your spouse/child, taking a family vacation, joining activities you can do together.)

Pretty much any goal you can think of setting will fall into one of these categories.

Next you need to follow some basic rules about goal setting.  First off, all the goals you set have to be YOUR goals.  If your spouse thinks you should lose weight or quit smoking you are not going to be successful at it if it’s not what YOU want to do.

Next, your goals must be specific and measurable.  Instead of saying my goal is to get my finances in order you should say I am going to pay off $10,000 of debt in six months which means I have to make a monthly budget that incorporates $1667 dollars going to debt every month.

Which brings me to the next rule.  Your goals need to have a time limit for your goals.  You need to choose a date by which you want your goals to be completed, otherwise, they will be forever hanging in the air never coming to fruition.

Lastly, don’t keep your goals a secret.  If people other than your little black book know about your goals you have more accountability to these goals, you will be more likely to succeed plus you might gain some cheerleaders to help you on your way.

Good Luck and Happy Goal Setting!!!




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