Raw Milk, From Farm to Table

My nutritionist recommended that I start drinking raw dairy.  So I’ve been doing a little research on the local farms in the area and trying to decided where I need to go to procure this raw milk.  The two big name farms near me both have had some controversial comments linked to them and I’m not sure how that makes me feel. Some people really like them, and others recommended finding another source. . .

One problem with trying to find healthier food options and in making healthier food decisions is I know in my heart if they are too much of an inconvenience to my day to day life the more likely I am to not stick with them.  Thoughts of obtaining a couple of milking goats to keep on our property flashed through my mind, our property is too small for a cow, but probably big enough for a goat or two. . . but since I’ve never had goats milk as an adult I thought maybe I should just stick with the plan of a garden with maybe some chickens for next year before I start throwing in hoofed mammals.

I found myself in some what of a pickle until one of my Mommy friends posted in our forum that she was going to a farm in my little neck of the woods. Excitement bubbled over inside me.  I just had to find out where this little jewel of a place was.  I asked her to shoot me the address and then plugged in the address to google maps.  The little farm she was going to was quite literally around the corner from my house.  I’ve probably passed it thousands of times. I didn’t realize they sold to the community. Score!  I made arrangements to meet her there during their limited hours of operations that weekend and scored my first bit of raw milk. I am so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful group of mommy friends who help me navigate through sticky situations like this.

I’ll admit I cannot remember in my adult like having ever drunk raw milk so I was a little hesitant.  I poured a small glass and took a sip.  In all honesty it didn’t taste much different to me than whole milk, except maybe a little richer in consistency with a little sweeter of a taste.  The hubs loves it and the babe drank a little glass the first day I brought it home and then requested more “farm” milk.   I am excited to be supporting a farmer in my community and hopefully getting a better dairy product with more nutrient value.


One project complete. Next project on the list. . . making bone broth. . .


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