Acceptance and Rejection

When you are a writer you usually write because you harbor a love for writing.  I love pulling out a pen and paper and listening to the scratch as the words tumble from my mind through my hand and appear onto paper.  The clicking of the keyboard is also gently relaxing as I watch the words in my head magically appear onto the screen in front of me.

It would be a dream to get paid to write in a way I could make a living, but since I cannot currently commit to this dream full time (as alas bills still have to get paid) I write when I can as much as time allows as a hobby.  Despite what a lot of people may think although I try to write as much fresh content as possible for this blog, as of yet it does not actually earn me any money.  So I submit my writing to other places here and there.  This past week I earned a slot of acceptance from one of my submittals, which brought me great joy.  This was almost immediately followed up with yet another “Thanks for your submissions and interest in our site! Great posts, but not a great fit for us right now. Sorry about that!” Rejection.  It stings a little, not as much as the first ever, but I don’t allow it to stop me.

I will keep writing and I will find the right fit, eventually.

Perseverance is a must.  When you do something you love you somehow become whole again, and I like being whole. . .so the words will continue to tumble until I find them a permanent home.


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