DIY Harvest Wreath

To celebrate the autumn equinox (the day when the sun passes over the earths equator causing darkness and light to be in alost perfectly equal amounts) the babe and I worked on a harvest wreath.  I had found some fall decotative pens while cleaning and decided we needed to do something with them, so I thought the babe and I can put together a Harvest Wreath!

Fall Critters

I made the wreath shape out of all the toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving (although if you know of another way to make the wreath shape go for it or buy one this one took a lot of glue and time and frustration and still wasn’t totally circular).  I then wrapped the toilet paper rolls in white tulle I had leftover from my wedding so then it kind of looked life the frame of a wreath.  I gathered a few leafs from the yard to use as leaf templates and then went through my scrap felt and cut leaves from autumn colors.  I did break down and speand a few dollars on autumn ornaments for the wreath from Hobby Lobby (which was the only cost since everthying else was already lying around the house.)

When we got home from work/school, the babe sat down and helped me decorate. He squuezed some glue (than I squeezed some more) and he squashed things where he wanted them to go.  When he lost interest (about 20 minutes later) I continued to glue on some more leaves until he demanded I stop and play with him.  We aren’t quite finished, as I still have some more leaves and things to place, and I am hoping the babe might have a renewed interest another evening, but this is what we have so far. . .

Harvest Wreath

Happy Fall!  Get outside and enjoy!


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