My Fellow Moms, YOU Are my Hero’s.     

I don’t think I would have survived this journey of motherhood without all of the support showered upon me by you.  I thought I understood even before my the bundle of joy even arrived that having a child would change my life, but until I was thick in the middle of the experience I don’t think I fully grasped  how my life would change.

This motherhood stuff is hard.

It’s physically hard. There is the challenge of forcing your body to function with little to no sleep for months at a time.  There is the awkwardness of sharing your body with a little person for food and for comfort.  The act of giving birth itself wreaks havoc on your body and the changes your body goes through while amazing, can produce fear and discomfort while you learn to adjust.

Motherhood is mentally grueling.  It’s laborious to learn how to balance all the different hats you must wear as a women (mother, wife, friend, employee) while learning how to care for this new life and still  find time to take care of yourself in the process.  I struggled with this.  I cannot express in words how monumental this struggle was for me and still is for me.

I want to take this moment to thank you.  It is because of you, my fellow moms, that I have survived this journey.  It is because of you that I learn to flourish.  It is because of you that I continue to grow into the Mother I want to be.  You are the ones that walk with me on this journey.  You are the ones that whisper encouragement.  You are some badass moms.

Thank you stay at home mother of 5 who was always around to answer my first time mommy questions, even in the middle of the night because who else do you ask these questions to but someone who has done it 5 times.  If she didn’t have an answer she would help me find an answer.

Thank you, therapist-working mom friend who let me know that fighting with my husband after the babe was born was normal.  NORMAL!  I cannot tell you what a mountain of relief that one little word was to me.  It set me back on track and helped me breathe again.

Thank you breast feeding, working mom friends who encouraged me to keep breastfeeding and pumping.  Who showed me that it could be done for an extended period of time even working full time and traveling.  While I didn’t have to travel, seeing the sacrifices you made to offer this wonderful thing to your children while working full-time was a huge encouragement for me and helped me make it past the one year mark for breastfeeding my own child.

And a huge thank you to the diverse group of mom’s in my online mommy’s group.  You ladies always shout encouragement at one another.  You never balk when the same question is asked over and over when a new mom enters the group.  You help teach each other about not only taking care of these wonderful children in the best ways we can, but you also share how we need to also take care of ourselves.

All you ladies are BADASSMOMS.


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