Monday I Surrender

It was one of those days that started off on the wrong foot.  A cranky sick husband having a morning tantrum, the babe eating not only his breakfast but yours also.  Crazy busy at work with a tetanus  shot for lunch (the neighbors dog nipped me last night but that’s another story.) An afternoon of more crazy busy at work followed by running errands with a toddler.  Trip one to Petsmart for dog food was a success.  Any trip where there are animals is fairly easy and fun (for the toddler anyways, I’m not sure the critters appreciate the squeals of joy.)  After trip number one the babe didn’t want to get back in the car.  He clung to me like a clingon and then told me about the sun and the wind.  He clung to me some more  and I finally managed to convince him to get back in the car by offering him the keys and letting him press the panic button or as he says “I beep, beep?.”  He manages to take off his shoes and socks before we make it to the next stop.  I bring him shoeless. . . The grocery store is a struggle of trying to steer a cart and carry a squirmy toddler who refuses to sit in the cart, with a throbbing leg from the dog bite and a throbbing arm from the shot.  When I do manage to get him in the main part of the basket he squashes one of the most squashable items.  We quickly sweep the aisles without incident and even make it past the olive bar without a meltdown but somehow manage to break open the bag of flour at the checkout line.  At least I only went $7.06 over my budget and I found my grocery list while I bagged my groceries.  You know, in one of the reuse able grocery bags, (why the heck did I put it there?) I manage to shove the groceries in the trunk and get the babe strapped in.  We get home and the smell of heaven greats me.  Dinner is in the crockpot!  I surrender to Monday.  You win.  And after I surrender… an amazing thing happens. . . I start some sides and have time to play with the boy while they cook.  We laugh and giggle.  The hubby walks in just in time for dinner where the babe eats seconds of everything (except the carrots which he won’t touch because he has an aversion to orange food).  He has his yogurt rasins for dessert and we enjoy a playful evening of ball throwing and books before I bathe him and put him to bed.  Bedtime is a quick and easy one and with the hubby passed out on NyQuil I have enough time to clean the rest of the kitchen, getting my writing in and catch up on some reruns.  All it took to turn a crappity day into a good one was saying Monday, you win.  I surrender.


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