145Some people have spun webs around our heart that are so intricate and complex that the impressions they have inscribed can never be untangled from our essence. These are the people who change our lives. These are the champions of kindness and encouragement, the people who make you smile when it seems like there is no good left in the world. They are the listeners, and the noticers of small blips in our lives or hiccups in our personalities. They are the jokers, and the reinforcers of normal (whatever that may be). These are the people who you find yourself thinking about even after you have not crossed paths with them in such a long time, (and may never again).  These are the people that murmured some words in our direction that were so incredibly profound we often find them on replay or shuffle in our minds. These are the people who have helped fashion who we are today, at this very moment.  We can never have enough of these people in our lives.

To all of these people from my life, I love you, I miss you and thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


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