Simple Gestures

One thing I’ve learned is that simple thoughtful gestures can really make a difference in someone’s life, and honestly they make you feel good too.

I love getting Christmas Cards. I love the ones that have pictures of families inside or on the cover so I can see friends who are locationally challenged. I try my darndest to make sure I send out Christmas Cards every year (I will inevitably forget someone, and have at least one sent back because I was dyslexic in penning the address.) but I try because I believe the recipients truly appreciate them as much as I do. I try to remember to send birthday cards or at least send some form of birthday wishes to remind my friends I care. I love sending baby butt balm and name flags to new mom’s. I might send a token and a card to someone whose parent has just passed. Perhaps I’ll send a book to someone going through a rough time, or pass along a book I’ve read just so someone else can enjoy it. Little gestures like this can really make someone’s day. Even something as small as smiling at a stranger, holding a door or elevator or picking up something a child has dropped in the grocery store when the mother is also wearing an infant. All of these things are small, minute really, but when you do them it can really make someone’s day.

So I challenge you. Do something simple today to make someone’s day. As my very inspirational friend Cathy would say “Throw kindness around like confetti” and see what happens.



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