Making Outdoor Furniture

Shortly after my husband and I moved into our house we decided we needed some outdoor furniture.  I searched online for some free plans and came across Ana White (Who happens to currently be one of my hero’s.  This women is awesome!)  I pulled some plans from her fabulous website (These plans to be exact and brought them home to my husband.

We bought all the materials we needed and got to work.  During a previous DIY project my husband handed over his drill to me to screw something in.  I was not very skilled in power tools at this point in time and my husband took the drill away from me almost as quickly as he had handed it over.  I tend to be a little trigger happy where he is more skilled in “the fine arts of finessing the trigger.” This new project of chairs would require both the drill and the circular saw.  I had never used a saw before, luckily for me being trigger happy works better with the saw, so after a demonstration or two my husband let me have at it.

I love building things.  I cannot tell you what joy it brings when you look at something you’ve created and can say “I built that or I made that”.  It really is an awesome feeling.  During the process of making things the thoughts aren’t always as cheery.  The thought stream more like this sometimes “What the eff am I doing?  This isn’t working.  I’m never going to finish this. and often a few phrases of obscenities.”  But we worked together and the chairs slowly pieced themselves together until we had actual usable furniture.  (And then my husband got to make fun of me again because I had never spray painted anything.)  I challenge you.  Do something you’ve never done before.  You might be amazed at the result!

purple chair greenchair


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